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Follow cool people and see what they’re cooking

We think the activity feed is possibly the secret sauce. If we do it right, it will bind everything together and make the concept of this site work.

But first, let’s talk about GitHub.

Everyone knows the repo page: you can find the readme, track pull requests, fork and clone, etc. But, there’s another page that is less well-known, but makes GitHub a unique hub for makers: the activity feed.

The premise is this: you follow people that you think are cool or inspiring. From there, you can see when:

  • They make something new (cool thing to check out)
  • They bookmark something (might be interesting!)
  • They start following someone (cool person to follow)
GitHub’s activity feed
GitHub’s activity feed

Basically, as a maker you can find new things, get new ideas, and get inspired to make something.

Imagine following people you care about, seeing the cool things they are cooking, and being able to take those ideas and make something from scratch, or use their recipes as a starting point.

It’s like when you eat something new and it fills you with ideas. I had a potato salad with blue cheese and anchovies at an izakaya once and I still think about it all the time. What a great combination.

Every recipe is a remix of old recipes and old ideas, and an activity feed facilitates that. Trial and discovery is a fun part of cooking too.

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