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to make recipes
& get inspired

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We are two friends making Test Kitchen, basically a GitHub for recipes.

We love to cook. But more so, we love the feeling that it’s never done, there’s always something to improve next time.

In that way, cooking is very similar to making software.

Imagine a place to test out new recipes, adapt existing ones, and see what others are cooking. A place to get inspired by flavors and ideas.

Start from scratch

A great place to create and develop a recipe.

Get inspired

Every recipe is inspired by what came before. Take something and use it as a starting point.

Make it yours

Maybe you like things spicy. Maybe you don’t like chicken. Adapt a recipe and make it your own.

What’s on
the menu?

We’re building this in public.
You can follow along here.



Recipe page

The core experience. Create, edit, and remix recipes.

Recipe page
Not started

Activity feed

Follow cool people and see what they’re cooking

Activity feed

Profile page

Your own little corner. Showcase your recipes and who you are.

Profile page

Unit picker

Search and select from precise and rough units

Unit picker
Not started

Update recipe

Find a nice way to add version history and notes


History & diff

View recipe history and “diff” between different versions

Ingredient suggestions

Suggest ingredients that go well together

Grocery list

Turn any recipe into a grocery list

Custom vibes

Allow different fonts and colors on the recipe page

Comments & reacts

Make the activity feed more useful

Comments & reacts

Made with love in Yokohama and Tampere